RISE 2024

Conference Theme and Call for Submissions

From Thoughts to Assets: The Journey of Transforming Innovation and Creativity into Value

Saint Joseph University in Beirut, CIS

Beirut, Lebanon, 25-26-27 November 2024

Hybrid Format

Types of Submissions

  1. Conceptual Papers

These are papers with a focus on theoretical, conceptual, philosophical, or methodological development and contribution to the field of consulting

  1. Empirical Papers

These are fully developed based on empirical analyses with practical and theoretical implications for management consulting

  1. Application Papers

These are the results of scholarly work applied to practices or, in reverse, where practitioners demonstrate that their practices were used to enhance academic work

  1. Practice Reflection Papers

Short, well-developed papers about new trends, observations, policy assessment, implications, and critical topical issues as recorded and interpreted by management practitioners across the societal, public, and private sectors

  1. Dissertation Reviews 

This allows graduates, doctoral students, and candidates to engage and write a short paper about their dissertations focusing on the empirical and theoretical findings and implications for the management consulting field

  1. Case Studies

Case studies provide reports based on an in-depth analysis of one organization or an in-depth study using a comparative inquiry of two organizations to generate a conclusion that might become useful to similar organizations in the same industry or sector

  1. Field Reports 

These are the results of methodological documentation and analyzes of observed phenomena, people, places, events, behaviors, and processes to identify solutions for problems of practice

  1. Poster Presentations

This allows submitters to present their research ideas, conceptual frameworks, research questions, problems of practice, research methodologies, work in progress and study plan, etc. The goal of the poster session is to provide feedback that helps the authors to further develop their research studies
The poster submission consists of an extended abstract (1.5 pages maximum) formatted in Research Object, Question, Hypothesis, Theoretical Framework, Methodology Used, Results or Expected Results.  Accepted poster presenters will be required to present three slides maximum, 5 minutes per panelist. The poster session will appear in the RISE program as a regular submission

  1. Symposia 

This allows all scholars, including researchers, practitioners, and industry executives who are experts on a particular topic in management consulting, to present and deliver their opinions and viewpoints

  1. Professional Development Workshop

The Professional Development Workshop (PDW) is a unique occasion to create an interaction between participants and experienced presenters around topics of practical importance.

PDW proposals must include the workshop title, full description of the workshop, activities, roles, and time requirements for the session (shorter workshops are preferred). The proposal must identify the proposal submitter(s), workshop chair(s), and presenter(s), including their names, contact information, phones, email addresses, and affiliations. Each workshop should present at most two chairs or co-chairs and at most five presenters/panelists/discussants

  1. Doctoral Consortium

The doctoral consortium is a subset of the PDW. It provides a venue for collegial interactions among doctoral students and unique access to senior scholar-practitioners who make their expertise available to students

  1. Caucuses

These are planned by authors as informal discussion sessions. Submissions are no more than two pages in length, detailing the idea(s) to discuss by members with shared interests.

13. Science Tinder

The Science Tinder is an open floor where researchers and entrepreneurs come together on the same plateau to interact and share their insights.

In a few lines addressed to RISE Organizing Committee, researchers, innovators, professors and students are invited to present the value proposition of their products, services, ideas or experiences. By translating features into benefits, they can identify specifically the problems that their products may effectively solve while considering the financial aspect in terms of cost and return.

In a few lines addressed to Rise Organizing Committee, executives, entrepreneurs and investors are invited to explain what challenges they encounter in managing their businesses, the problematic scenarios they diagnose and the organizational future performance they aim to achieve with budgets they allocate for adopting related solutions.

14. Toy with your Thoughts (TWYT)

Students lead these sessions. Two student co-chairs invite their colleagues to present (in no more than seven minutes) any thought they have about management, innovation, creativity, transforming thoughts into businesses or economic value, or any other topic with no restriction. The diversity of points of view makes our world richer. Students don’t have to be experts in the subject, rather they only have to have the desire to share something that interests them in this context.